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SP2000 Large Format Laser Cutter


The SP2000 is a large format laser machine, about to make its Australian debut at Visual Impact Sydney, 2017. This system was designed for processing large format materials such as wood, textiles, cardboard, acrylic and so on. The SP2000 was developed with a working area of 1680 x 2510mm, making it the baby brother of the larger, powerful SP3000.


Work Area

1680 x 2510 mm

Max. workpiece height

55 mm


2.519 x 3.214 x 1.230 mm

Loading Area

1.950 x ∞ mm


Ca. 1400kg


Slat Cutting Table, Aluminum Cutting Grid Table, Acrylic Cutting Grid Table, Honeycomb Cutting Table


2,5“, 3,75“, 5,0“,

Max. processing speed/ acceleration

2 m/sec.
1 g

Laser power levels

Sealed off CO laser with 60 – 400 watts

Laser Class

Fully enclosed beam path laser class 4 laser; system can be operated as laser class 2 in standard operation mode.

Mechanical Design

Enclosed chassis with double safety interlock system, maintenance-free, brushless, DC servo motors; CE compliant, InPack-Technology™,

Working Head

Software controlled z-axis, Travelling exhaust, JobControl® Vision, active laser deflector shield, lens protection window, Sonar Technology™


Four-sides access

Four-sides access

The design of the laser cutting machinery enables loading and unloading during processing. The working area of the SP2000 laser cutter is designed for large-format materials and high-volume production, and can be easily accessed from all four sides. This allows for fast and ergonomic loading and unloading, even during processing.

Tandem Assist

Tandem Assist

Tandem Assist, a JobControl® laser software function, allows the work area to be split into two zones. This means that while the laser cutter is processing material in zone A, the finished material can be removed from zone B and reloaded with new material for processing. Not only does this feature minimise operator idle time it also significantly increases productivity. 

Multifunctional table concept

Multifunctional table concept

The Multifunctional table concept ensures optimal configuration for your cutting and engraving applications.

Trotec Safety System

Trotec Safety System

Mechanical and laser safety were extremely important during the development of the SP2000 laser cutting machines. As a result, the SP2000 laser cutters comply with all relevant standards, meaning safe operation is guaranteed. 

InPack Technology -dust protection

InPack Technology -dust protection

For a high-quality cutting result the perfect function of the axis is most
important. The axis is protected against dust by the InPack Technology™. All optics are air-flushed with clean compressed air. The optics are kept free from dust that is produced during cutting. This is providing a maintenance-free operation and a long life of the high quality components.

CeramiCore Laser Source Technology

CeramiCore Laser Source Technology

The patented CeramiCore technology convinces with reliability, engraving quality and logetivity.

JobControl Laser Software

JobControl Laser Software

The Trotec laser software supports you perfectly in handling your cutting
and engraving jobs. A variety of useful and intelligent features make your work easier: eg. bi-directional communication, Job Time Calculator or JobControl® Vision: Achieve accurate results with JobControl® vision when cutting printed materials.