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Yes, LH accepts oversea order. Please email us pertaining to the delivery arrangement.

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Free training is provided to our client on all machine purchased from LH.

Rubber Stamp Division

The cost for the maker is very much depending on the machine and material a maker is using. For example: Production cost for a standard company address stamp made by laser machine is roughly RM 0.60 and if produced by polymer machine is around RM 0.80.

We suggest rubber stamp maker to invest in a laser engraving machines for long term profitability. Laser cutting and engraving machine produces a better quality and more durable rubber stamp, simultaneously reducing the production time and maximise the profit margin.

On top of that, with the laser machine, the business owner can extend cutting and engraving services to their client. For example,name tag engraving, phone engraving and more.

Depending on which machine the maker use. The production time for using a polymer machine is around 30 minutes, whereas using a laser machine take only 3 to 5 minutes.

Generally, to start a rubber stamp making business, you need a rubber stamp making machine (model: LHA5) to make self-inking and traditional rubber stamp that can be molded onto a holder, AND a flash stamp machine to make pre-inked stamp. Besides, professional rubber stamp makers also invest in laser engraving machine to maximise their rubber stamp productions.

Self-inking stamp with ink pad attached, the stamp will flip up and down to get the impressions. It is good for about 7000+ impressions and can be re-inked by changing the ink pad in the system.

Pre-ink stamp or flash stamp has the ink molded right into the wording foam. Pre-inked stamp is good for 50,000+ impressions and can be re-inked, therefore the price is more expensive compared to self inking stamps.

LH offers various range of rubber stamp holders, e.g. traditional rubber stamp holders, solid wood holders, self inking, and flash stamp holders. LH has our own wood factory manufacture special size rubber stamp holder and base for customise holder as well. Finally, LH is also the authorised distributor for TRODAT and SHINY holders.

LH soft is special formulated for fast and deep engraving. LH soft is odorless and the fastest in its class, thus offering an enormous productivity gain. Hardness for LH soft is 53 shores.

LH Red rubber is one of the economy choice of odorless rubber with hardness of 55 shores. It is easy toclean and is characterized by excellent engraving and imprint quality.  

Yes, LH offers on-site training and starter kits for new machine owner. Therefore rubber stamp owner do not need to worry or unsure on the how-know. Related materials and training relating on how to use the machine with proper setting to make a quality stamp will all be included in the package.

Laser Machines Division

Trotec offers four different focal lenses namely the 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, and 4.0” for different applications. The number description, 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, and 4.0” signifies the distance of where passed through beam will converge. For example, when a beam of light passes through a 2.0” focus lens, the light beam will converge at a 2.0” distance resulting in a concentration of energy at that spot.

The resulting spot size from the different focus lens are also different and the following chart shows the different spot sizes achieved from the different lenses.

1.5” Lens The 1.5” lens is best when used for engraving of very fine details

2.0” & 2.5“ Lens The 2.0” & 2.5“ lenses are good for normal engraving and cutting of up to 10mm thick acrylic

4.0” Lens The 4.0” lens is good for cutting of 10mm and above acrylic

Trotec laser engraver is good at controlling the motion system and laser driver to achieve cutting of thicker acrylic than any other comparable laser tube wattage.

Trotec laser 30watts laser system can cut acrylic 1/2” thick. This is definitely a great advantage of Trotec laser systems if you are going to use it for cutting jobs.

30 watts 1/2” thick acrylic
60 watts 3/4” thick acrylic
100 watts 1” thick acrylic

NOTE: the listed cutting capability of the different laser powers is for reference only and depends on the different acrylic material supply and customer cutting quality requirement.

The laser machines available in the market mainly differ by the laser source they use. We mainly talk about CO2 lasers, fiber lasers and vanadate lasers. Each laser type has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suited for use on different materials.

CO2 laser are gas lasers that are based on a carbon dioxide gas mixture, which is stimulated electrically. With a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers, they are mainly suited for working on non-metallic materials and on most plastics. CO2 lasers have a relatively high efficiency and feature a very good beam quality. They are therefore the most widely used laser types.

Suited for the following materials: Wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textiles, plastic, foils & films, leather, stone

Fiber lasers belong to the solid state laser group. They generate a laser beam by means of the so-called seed laser and amplify it in specially designed glass fibers, which are supplied with energy via pump diodes. With a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers, fiber lasers produce an extremely small focal diameter; as a result their intensity is up to 100 times higher than that of CO2 lasers with the same emitted average power.

Fiber lasers are optimally suited for metal marking by way of annealing, for metal engraving, and for high-contrast plastic markings. Fiber lasers are generally maintenance-free and feature a long service life of at least 25,000 laser hours.

Suited for the following materials: Metals, Coated metals, Plastics

Note: If you are looking for a combination of fibre laser + CO2 laser in one machine, check out Trotec flexx laser!

YAG Laser - Like fiber lasers, crystal lasers belong to the solid-state lasers. Nowadays, lasers for marking applications are pumped by diodes (in the past by flash lamps). The most common laser types in this category are Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) and Nd:YVO (neodymium-doped yttrium ortho-vanadate), named after the doping element neodymium and the carrier crystal. With 1.064 micrometers, crystal lasers have the same wavelength as fiber lasers and are thus also suited for marking metals and plastics.

Unlike fiber lasers, these laser types include the relatively expensive pump diodes, which are wearing parts. They must be replaced after approx. 8,000 to max. 15,000 laser hours. The crystal itself also has a shorter service life than a fiber laser.

Suited for the following materials: Metals, coated metals, plastics, to some extent also for ceramic

Operation and maintenance of Troteclaser engravers/cutters can be learned literally within a half-hour. Our systems are really that simple. Learning the driver will take an addition 30 minutes, so essentially you can be up and running with a Troteclaser within an hour. The key to professional looking and purchase worthy final products is learning the graphics software.

Learning software can take weeks, months, even years to master so it is essential to have industry standard software where support is virtually located anywhere online or in your own backyard. So the following software is highly recommended to enable your creative juices to flow and limit the learning curve to as short as possible. CorelDRAW! Version 11 is the lowest version recommended. CorelDRAW is simple, versatile, powerful and with excellent positioning and text features. CorelDRAW is also the worldwide standard for vector graphics.

YES! It is possible to laser cut ADA tactile letters and graphics. In additon the laser can very accuratly create the hole for an acrylic '"raster" to be later inserted. This is a patented process and requires a Lisense to sell the ADA/Raster signage. For information go to our Industry Supplier search engine on our home page. Look under "Raster Braille License" to find a dealer to purchase a license to add ADA Signage to your product offerings.

Virtually any materials except unprocessed metals and substances that are too heat sensitive, such as foam. Other than that, the materials the Trotec laser engraver/cutter can etch into and/or vector cut are nearly limitless. Click HERE to see the applications and brief list of materials that have been proven to work well with Trotec laser!

You are also welcome to contact our office for FREE material testing too!

YES! We have written our software driver named JobControl to drive all of our Troteclaser family of laser engravers the same, from Rubber stamp/seal engraving, to raster engraving, to vector cutting.

JobControl is an intuitively usable software package that comes together with the laser machine and will give you full control of all laser functions. The open software architecture allows you to work in your usual graphics or Windows programs (e. g. CorelDraw, Photoshop, Photopaint, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Word, Excel, etc.).

Iradion is a US-based manufacturer of OEM laser sources with 15 years of experience in developing and manufacturing laser source technology for sophisticated applications like ceramic scribing. Iradion’s research efforts are fully focused on their groundbreaking ceramic technology. Initially developed for one of the world’s biggest defense and security corporations, Iradion’s laser source technology was designed to provide precision, stability and longevity in the harshest environments possible.

Average life is 20,000 - 35,000 hours of use. That amounts to 8 hours a day at 100% power, 7 days a week, for 7 years if the tube only last for 20,000 hours. Trotec uses latest Ceramic laser manufacture by Iradion laser. Ceramic lasers can be operated at much greater pressures resulting in faster pulse speeds, which in turn are critical for high speed engraving and marking applications. Laser users can benefit from highest engraving quality. Also, the electronics' innovative architecture features a lower energy consumption. Benchmark tests show a reduction of up to 30%.

In addition to our trust and faith in the reliability of the tubes we utilize in our Troteclaser line of laser engravers/cutters we also offer the industry longest warranty: A full two (2) years on the laser tube.

Compatible with most Windows-based software. Because we have written our own "print" driver you can use virtually any software application you so desire. Although the Windows PC world has standardized on CorelDRAW as the graphics application of choice, you can use virtually any software program you like. We highly recommend an application that is vector based to take full advantage of our Laser Engraver and all the features it offers. These applications can include; CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Deneba Canvas, Micrografx Designer, and of course you can also utilize various CAD programs that have 100% compatibility with the industry standard AutoCAD, such as, DesignCAD, TuboCAD, etc.

NO. We use a driver written by our software engineers to simulate a printer driver. Your computer will not know the difference between your inkjet printer, laserjet printer or Troteclaser Engraver. As far as your computer is concerned you are simply printing your graphic image/document. Your computer has no idea it is powering a state of the art, highly technoligically advanced laser engraver.

You can 100% count on LH with regards to after sales service and support. This is an easy to learn and operate laser machine that most people can learn without hours. However, LH still providing on site training for at least 3 full days to train all your designated staffs to operate the machine and learn the tips and tricks to maximize the production output.

Our technical team is ever ready to assist you and can be on the site if needed urgently in 24 hours (excluding weekend and public holidays).

Machine warranty is 2-3 years depending on model.

Yes! You are welcome to contact our sales office for FREE material testing!