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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine CMA1530C-GH-D


YM fiber laser comes with Gantry rack & pinion and double serve system, MHMD with great torque, maximum acceleration up to 1.2G to ensure the machine could work efficiently and precisely.


Working Area


Laser Type

Fiber laser

Output Laser Power


Transmission System

Double serve motor & gantry &r rack & pinion

Loading Method

Automatic exchanging pallets

Max. Speed


Max. Acceleration

1.2 G

Position Accuracy


Reposition Accuracy


Supported Graphic Format


Total Power


Power Supply


Gross Weight


Overall Dimension (Include Cover)




Imported Fiber Laser

The fiber laser wavelength ranges from 1070~1090nm, beam quality TEMOO (M2<1.4), laser pump diodes could work for more than 100,000 hours, almost maintenance free, SMF (single mode fiber) transmission mode help to get better laser beam and cutting efficiency compared with multi-mode optical fiber, professionally in metal material cutting.


Y axis Synchronized dual-motor

Synchronized dual-motor on the Y axis, two gears fixed on the high strength aluminum alloy crossbeam, max accelerated speed is 0.8G, which is faster than other contenders, and the assisted gas consumption could be reduced dramatically, saving every possible piece of coin for you.


High-dynamic Auto Focusing System

The laser cutting head equips with a servo driver, integrated with speed & position dual closed-loop algorithm to control the cutting. It also supports leapfrog jumping method, to get high-dynamic response realizing fast punching on metal sheet.


Precise Moving Component

The machine adopts the domestic creative hybrid transmission system: the rack & pinion system + ball screw, which can reduce the vibration compared with previous lead screw transmission. Meanwhile, this combination transmission system can realize high speed response in Y axil and also precise cutting in short distance.


Cooling System

The machine equips with intelligent dual-temperature control water-cooling system. This system integrates temperature alarm, flow protection and water protection alarm, to ensure the machine can work well under different temperature and humidity.


Professional Steel Plate Cutting Software

Optimizing the layout of cutting pattern to save cutting path and smoothing the sharp corner, achieving high speed punching and marking.


YASKAWA Servo Motor

YASKAWA servo motor has the best amplifier responsiveness, be able to reduce setting time sharply, accelerate and decelerate quickly, and increase the machine stability.


Gantry Structure

High quality gantry structure with interior stiffener, highly improves the rigidity and strength of the gantry. Advantage of light weight, high rigidity, versatility, good features and modular design offer customized convenient services to achieve economical cut.Finite element analysis of gantry help to achieve the best critical state of dynamic performance ,light weight & structural rigidity, to ensure the long-term stability of the beam, helping improve the dynamic response of the machine, especially suitable for high-speed and high-precision laser cutting.