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Flash Stamp Machine - LHF2b


Making a pre-inked stamp or known as flash stamp is easy with LH Flash Stamp Machine.

  • The advantages are:
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • No Messy steps
  • No negative production required like polymer machine
  • No developing chemical
  • Lower production cost than self-inking stamp
  • Shorter production time than traditional polymer machine

Materials needed for Making Flash Stamp included:

  • Laser Printer - This is important to ensure a sharp printing quality. Do not use ink-jet printer.
  • Oil Based Ink - An oil based ink make sure you have a water prove stamp produced.
  • Tracing Paper & Exposure Film - As an output of your design
  • Flash Foam - Flash stamp machine will expose the image from the tracing paper & exposure film onto the flash foam. There are two types of flash foam: Single foam and double foam.
  • Flash Stamp Holders - Different types of flash holders for different usage.



Exposure Area

140mm x 100mm

Exposure Tube