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Laserari DT


The optimal laser machine for rubber stamp engraving.

The Trotec Laserati is a particularly powerful CO2 laser engraving machine that was specially developed for rubber stamp engraving. During the process, up to 4 DIN A4 laser rubber plates are clamped on a roller and are held in place by a vacuum. Thanks to its special design, this laser machine will engrave an A4 laser rubber page in approximately 20 minutes (engraving depth 1.1 mm). The drum works virtually without wear and tear while delivering an excellent engraving quality.



1420 x 850 x 1420mm /56" x 34" x 56"

Working Area

840 x 300 mm /33" x 12"

Mechanical Design

fully closed housing with duplicate safety system, laser safety class 2, drives with brushless servo motors (maintenance free)


Robust unit (105W -approx. 300kg), drum with vaccum function, laser pointer (standard)

Laser Type

Sealed-off CO2 laser

Available Laser Power

105 -180 Watt

Electrical Connection

Single Phase 230V/50-60Hz


Air Assist

Air Assist

Each material reacts differently to a laser process. During laser engraving and laser cutting, the supply of compressed air can significantly influence and improve the results. 

Focus Lenses for Trotec Laser Machines

Focus Lenses for Trotec Laser Machines

Optimal results during laser engraving or laser cutting are achieved by using different lenses. 

Laser Pointer

Laser Pointer

A laser beam is invisible. This is why Trotec laser machines come with an integrated laser pointer.