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R500 Simply Laser Cutting


With the Rayjet laser, engraving, cutting and marking has evolved from a difficult process
to an easy task. The entry into laser technology has never been this easy: Just Plug and Ray.


Engraving Area

457 x 305 mm

Max part height:

145 mm

Outside dimensions

726 x 412 x 680 mm

Engraving speed

1.5 m/s


Rayjet Commander Software


approx. 50 kg, focusing lens: 2.0”

Stepper motor, Laser power

12-50 watts


RayPack Technology

The heart of the Rayjet is the patented RayPack Technology.
Developed by Trotec, the RayPack benefits
allows rugged long lasting components to be integrated
into a sleek attractive design.

Lihtweight, beautiful and high tech!

With up to 50 watts laser power, Rayjet is the right choice for a wide range of materials and applications.
The Rayjet comes equipped with a 2.0” focusing lens. This means that the ideal standoff from the lens to the material is 2.0” (5.08 cm). This is the best for general purpose laser processing, including engraving, cutting and marking.

Easily Upgradeable with A Variety Of Accessories

A cutting table is required for good cutting results. The honeycomb design minimizes back reflection caused by cutting though material.