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 "The Evolution of Desktop Laser Engraving - Plug and Ray Now!

The Rayjet 50 is a high quality desktop laser engraving, marking, and cutting system. This machine is ideal for professional engravers and first time laser buyers, regardless of the application. It's Easy to operate and easy to maintain and offers the best possible return on investment for any laser in its class.

If you are thinking to leverage on an affordable yet quality laser engraving and cutting machine that can engrave and cut nearly infinite number of applications, check out Rayjet Now!




Laser Source

12W, 30W, 50W
Adjustable Laser Power
from 0% - 100%


Air-cooled, Operating environment temperature 15 degree - 30 degree

Work Area

457 mm x 305 mm


726 mm x 425 mm x 685mm

Max height of workpiece


Max Engraving Speed

60 inch per second


51 KG


Stepper Motor

Computer Interface

USB Port

Computer Operating Systems

MS Windows


100V-240 Volt AC Auto Switching

Standard Package

Autofocus, laserpointer, electronic z-axis, Plus and Ray package (protected laser beam, quick change table, quick change laser)



RayPack-Technology® protects dust sensitive mechanical components, optical elements, and electronics. This level of protection virtually eliminates normal wear-and-tear. This means lower maintenance costs, less downtime, and more productivity.

Auto Focus

To achieve the best results, there is a fixed distance between the focusing lens and the object being processed. The auto focus function maintains this proper distance by automatically adjusting the engraving table in relationship to the focusing lens.

Laser Pointer

The actual lasing beam is invisible to the human eye, so the Rayjet is fitted with a visible red laser pointer. This device is coaxial with the lasing beam and will show you exactly where the mark will be placed, without impacting the part.

Rayjet Commander Sofeware

To develop the image or text to be processed, several commercially available programs can be used. These include, among others, CorelDRAW, EngraveLab or the Rayjet Job Creator package. As with an office printer you can download your creation directly to the Rayjet and get the output there. To make the process even easier the Commander software includes a list of material based pre-sets based on a color pallet.