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Speedy 400


The work area of the Speedy 400 has been designed for standard material sizes of laminates, acrylic, and paper, among others. Time and costs for cutting the materials to size can thus be saved and the work sequence can be optimized. In addition, the Speedy 400 features maximum user-friendliness, economy, and flexibility. With the Speedy 400, the tried-and-tested and successful functions of the Speedy family have reached a new level.


Speedy 400


Laser Source

Sealed CO2 laser 40-120W


Air-cooled, Operating environment temperature 15 degree - 30 degree

Overall Dimension

1400 x 950 x 1070 mm

Work Area

1000 x 610 mm

Max height of workpiece


Max Processing Speed

355 cm / second
Acceleration 4g


Addressable accuracy: 5μm
Static repeat accuracy: < ±15μm




Brushless DC Servo Motors

Computer Interface

Standard printer port and USB port

Compatible Operating Systems

MS Windows


100V-240 Volt AC Auto Switching

Mechanical Design

Fully enclosed chassis with double, safety interlock system, laser safety class 2, CE compliant, maintenance-free, InPack-Technology


Air Assist (Without Pump)

Improves the laser engraving on many materials while also protecting the optics of the laser engraving machine.

Auto Focus with Sensor

Light barriers for optimal adjustment of working height and focusing.

Bi-Directional Communication

Sends feedback messages from the laser to the computer. This allows you to control essential functions directly from the computer.

Innovative Table Design

Flexible table design: Change standard, cutting and vacuum table, black anodized aluminum grating and acrylic grating absolutely easily for optimum cutting and engraving results with the Speedy 400.

Focus Lenses

Find the right lens for achieving optimal results during laser engraving or laser cutting with Trotec laser machines.

InPack Technology

Ensures higher productivity and lower running costs thanks to minimum maintenance and optimal protection against dust.

IPC Cutting Path Optimization

The novel laser control module Trotec IPC dynamically adapts speed and acceleration depending on the cutting path.

Laser Pointer

The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.

Ergonomics Machine Access

The engraving compartment of the Speedy 400 is very easily accessible. For maximum user comfort and easy loading and unloading of materials.

Software Autofocus

With the Software Autofocus, the laser beam is focused for laser engraving, laser marking and laser cutting with just one press of the button.

CeramiCore Technology

The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic. CeramiCore® stands for reliability, high engraving quality and longevity.