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Texjet Shortee


Texjet Shortee is an compact and affordable DTG Printer that gives you fast print result. The print quality is very sharp and with its single pass printing CMYK & White, it lowers down the real running cost. LH offer print head warranty for the DTG Printer to boost your confidence on the reliability and durability of the machine!

Why Textjet Shortee?

  • Cost Effectiveness - Low running and maintenance costs
  • Efficiency - Fast Return on Investment
  • Stunning Print Quality - 1 year Full Warranty on print heads and all mechanical parts


Print Size

Max 32 x 45cm

Printable Textiles

Cotton, Polyester,
Cotton/polyester blends,
Linen, Viscose,
Leather and more

Print Resolution

720 x 720 dpi
1440 x 720 dpi
1440 x 1440 dpi

Print Head Type

TFP, 8 Ink Channels
180 Nozzles per channel

Head Height

Max 8mm

Print Speed

High speed mode
80 white / hour
28 dark tshirt / hour


115 x 66 x 35 cm




Fast Return on Investment

Due to its affordable price and low running and maintenance costs, TexJet® shorTee is an efficient dtg printer that delivers fast ROI. For example, you can achieve ROI in just 2 months by selling 20 t-shirts per day at the price of 15€ per t-shirt (25% light and 75% dark t-shirts).


Thanks to its compact size, TexJet® shorTee fits in small spaces and is easily portable, a feature that allows you to attract niche groups by selling specialty t-shirts at indoor and outdoor events such as music concerts and festivals.

High Performance

TexJet® shorTee is a high-performance dtg printer that allows you to be responsive to different customer requests and print up to 80 light and 28 dark t-shirts per hour.

Snap-On Platens

One standard and five optional easy to use and interchangeable snap-on platens with innovative frame systems that allow you to print on both thin and thick garments.

Innovative RIP software!

Enjoy the benefits of our innovative RIP software that is specially designed for TexJet® dtg printers.