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CovidFre Handle


Minimise contact during pressing lift's button, ATM machine keypad, and more.

This is the best gift you can ever send to yourself, your family, your friends, and even your customer!

CovidFre Hands-Free Holder Usage:

  • Using ATM Machine Keypad Safely
  • Pulling Restaurant Chair Safely
  • Pick Up take away food
  • Open Grill and Pressing Lift Safely
  • Use Toilet Safely

Watch the video for more applcation of CovidFre Holder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt7mYecFZ_E

To Order click one of the link below:

(1) Whatsapp Order

(2) Online Order from LH Shopee Channel


Every LH CovidFre Handle set is comes with 2 sizes:

(1) Big Handle size: 125.23mm x 109.73mm

(2) Small Handle size: 62.85mm x 30.23mm

This is an effort by LH to assist the public to minimize contact as much as possible. This precautionary measure is easy to use and affordable. On top of that, RM0.50 will be donated to charitable body for every set sold as a group effort to contribute back to the society.